Par 3 Golf Course

Par 3 Golf Course

Somabay Golf has always had a Par 3 Challenge Course. However, in 2019 we decided to tear it up and create something out of the box. With a total lengths of 1239 yards, the New Par 3 Challenge Course is built under Somabay’s sustainability vision and was designed by Tim Lobb and James Edwards.

What makes it different? Well you can create every approach shot imaginable with succession of tees that are measured only in yards, so the astute and student golfer can really hone in their approach game.

The area is also floodlit and provides day night activity to all levels of golfers, from those who want to dial in their wedges, to a casual nine holes under the stars.

Working Hours
Summer: From 7.00am till 12:00am
Winter: From 7.00am till 10:00pm

For reservation or more information please call the proshop on +2 012 2350 3528